Thursday, September 27, 2007


This BLOG was KILLED as of yesterday, the moment my youtube account was removed.

I had a youtube video removed, and account suspended on September 26th of the present year.
The video was "Simão marca livre de Portugal contra a Sérvia": (that translates into english as "Simão scores a free kick for Portugal against Serbia).

My 600+ videos (basketball, football and aeroplanes) was totally erased!!

I filmed the movie myself with my CANON digital camera at Estádio José De Alvalade in Lisbon, Portugal. The game took place on 12th of September and there is no copyright possible since the ticket, which I still hold, does not have any warning of such. youtube refers only to coyright in concerts. The movie is a direct recording of the field and does not in any part of it contain other footage or even any filming of TV screen. There is also no backgorund music liable for copyright nor added contents such as images, sound, etc.

The claimer was SportFive. I never heard of them, but seem to be a TV rights reseller.

Apparently they own the video I took with my camera from my national team (which I pay to play with my taxes and 20€ ticket) in my country and in the stadium of my football team (stadium I helped pay with my supporter season tickets ). Nice...

I had a problem with another soccer video from Sportinveste:

Sportinveste is a crook thuggish company that has been pimping Portuguese sports for ages, from the inside as well.

Farewell and be careful not to step any shark's fins...

Over and out..

Sunday, December 10, 2006